The 21st Annual International Symposium

For 20 years the Greek Association for Atlantic and European Cooperation  was dedicated to educating public and promoting discussion concerning critical international security issues in the South East Europe and Mediterranean region. Together with NATO Public Diplomacy Division we have come a long path on building leadership within Transatlantic community. Therefore this year the Symposium took place under the general theme “Transatlantic Security: The Challenges Ahead”.

The 21th Annual Symposium sessions rised important issues related to Euro- Atlantic area including perspectives on Transatlantic Security Today and in the Future as well as Threats and Opportunities in Transforming Regions. Moreover the Symposium brought to the discussion table current challenges such as Financial Crisis and Defense, Energy Security and Women, Peace and Security. Additionally this event presented the new educational concept of GAAEC and Workshop on NGOs and Youth Involvement and Development.

The Symposium took place on the 10th and 11th of December of 2012 in the Amphitheater of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Academias, 1). It brought together about 150 delegates from Greece, NATO, PfP and Mediterranean Countries from a large spectrum of all political, diplomatic, military and economical areas, as well as representatives from NGO’s and youth movements.

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